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Monday, July 13, 2020
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Solar emerging as best bet for West Africa’s future energy mix

The Economic Community of West African States should prioritize the development of solar PV to meet surging energy demand over the next...

New German Crowdfunding Regulation: Major Enhancements, A Few Regrets

The German Crowdfunding Association, the federal industry association which represents 85% of the German crowd investment market, welcomed last week the adoption by the German Parliament of the new and improved legal framework for crowdinvesting, albeit with a few regrets.

Crypto Is ‘Hot’ Right Now as Traders Explain Price Moves

Beginning a rally at the start of 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto market continue to fly upward, showing little signs of slowing down. The “crypto market is hot right now, and what stands out to me the most is that there are plenty of altcoins that are still running even with…

Flagship Renaissance fund dabbles with bitcoin

Renaissance Technologies’ flagship hedge fund Medallion has dipped its toes into the wild world of cryptocurrency trading, in a sign that the computer-driven investment group is willing to play in more esoteric markets to generate its industry-leading returns.

COVID-19: Largest Real Estate Platform in Austria First Saw Dip, then a Bounce

We are hearing a lot of chatter about some online lending platforms halting originations and some real estate crowdfunding platforms pulling back. A report out of the DACH countries provides some European perspective. In the DACH countries, property investment has been a standout performer in online capital formation and investment.

Crowdfunding & Tokenization: The Private Investing Revolution Is Here (And It Could Make You Millions)

Every few centuries, financial markets across the globe undergo a pivotal revolution, and investors who stay ahead of the revolution become enormously wealthy. Sure, none of us had yet been born the last time one of these investment revolutions happened. But, the next one — the private investing revolution — is here. Inevitably, it’s going…

What Are the Tax Implications of Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing?

Crowdfunded real estate investing has been creating quite a buzz in the real estate investing world for the past several years. From the beginner-friendly Fundrise to the larger, more robust Crowdstreet, there's a crowdfunding platform to suit nearly any investor.

Fundrise Review 2020: Real Estate Crowd Funding Platform – Pros & Cons

If you’re currently in a position where you want to put some money away each month – or you simply have a lump sum that you want to invest, then you’ll know first-hand that leaving it in a basic savings account will earn you virtually nothing.

Japan’s Currency Policy in Times of Uncertainty – Tokyo Review

The Japanese yen is among the world’s most traded currencies, and it accounts for 5.7% of global foreign exchange reserves. As the third largest share after the dollar and the euro, it’s garnered a reputation as being one of the world’s “safe-haven” of assets known for keeping its value during international crises or market turmoil.

GBP/INR Trading Sideways Amid Lack of Fundamentals

GBP/INR is moving languidly within a sideways trend that has formed very close to the lowest level since April 7. Currently, one British pound buys 93.593 Indian rupees, up 0.04% as of 5:45 AM UTC. The pound has weakened against the Indian currency since the start of May. Nevertheless, the pair remains inside a broader…

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Searching and then finding the best Real Estate crowdfunding site in Europe for your enterprise can be a tough task. With such...

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Solar emerging as best bet for West Africa’s future energy mix

The Economic Community of West African States should prioritize the development of solar PV to meet surging energy demand over the next...
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