Sustainable Energy : The Need Of The Hour

Sustainable Energy : The Need of the Hour
Sustainable Energy : The Need of the Hour

The surging global warming issues all across the world is an alarm to take strict action against it. Hence, green energy is an important topic whenever the climate change issue pops up. We need to work on our way of life to bring evolution. Today sustainable energy is a trending subject all for good reasons. As individuals are becoming more and more concerned about their contribution to the carbon footprint and the environment alike, alternative sources of energy have aptly got a center stage.


If you are still not taking a step towards the same, it’s high time to think in this direction. Sustainable energy is the need of an hour for us and every living creature around us. Let us comprehend the meaning of sustainable energy so that you can do the dots why it’s necessary today. 

Sustainable Energy : The Need of the Hour
Sustainable Energy : The Need of the Hour

What is Sustainable Green Energy? 

Sustainable green energy consists of all forms of renewable fuel and energy, such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, and biomass. Hence, it is also commonly known as renewable energy. In fact, solar and wind energy are said to be the most sustainable and cleanest forms of electricity generation with no toxic pollution. It means there is little to no carbon footprint.


Besides, renewable energy replenishes themselves over time without exhausting the Earth’s resources. 


In simple terms, they are environment-friendly sources of energy. These are abundant resources available to some extent, almost everywhere around the world. Hence, you can use them to repeal the consequences of global warming. 


Why do You Require Sustainable Energy?

The technology-driven life of millennials today will actually ruin the lives of generations to come. Sit down and think about sustainable energy before its too late. Talk with your family, friends, and even kids to start implementing this strategy in life.


We have already caused irreparable damage to nature. The latest technologies and our current lifestyle make it challenging to obstruct life’s disasters. However, you can probably prevent it significantly to create a toxic-free living environment for yourself and other living forms on the globe. 


Let’s have a glimpse of how sustainable energy can lead to a positive transition in our life. 


Better Public Well-being

There is a hike in fossil fuel-based industrial activities, road transportation, and power generation to meet the rising demands. Apart from this, several parts of the world also involve an open burning of waste that contributes to high air pollution levels.


These fossil fuels emit harmful gasses, such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and sulfur dioxide, which pollute both air and water resources. Thus, they constitute a significant threat to human health. 


However, when you switch to sustainable green energy, it means fewer fossil emissions. Ultimately, this transition leads to an improvement in the air quality and greenhouse effect. When you get cleaner air, several human lives on the planet can be saved. We will see a drop in cases of various ailments, like heart problems, cancers, lung, and respiratory conditions.

Sustainable Energy : The Need of the Hour
Sustainable Energy : The Need of the Hour

Economical Source of Energy

It is not just about health; sustainable green energy is also good for your ringing bank account every month. High energy bills are a big point of concern for everyone around the world. The technology we are surrounded with today can’t run without electricity. 


From smartphones, microwaves, TV to computers and tablets, all are dependent on the energy to work. So much power consumption leads to huge energy bills. But here’s a solution!


Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal renewable energy do not necessitate fuel costs or transportation costs. As a result, they provide greater price security. They are almost like a free source of energy because nature doesn’t charge us for its resources. They act as premium gifts for us. These renewable energies do not entail buying and selling the non-renewable source that increases the cost of power. 


Thus, sunshine, heat emitting from underneath the Earth, strong winds, and water are cheap and steady energy supply for now and thousands of upcoming years.


Available Everywhere to Everyone

Since green energy is a source of low-cost power generation with a continually declining cost in several parts of the world, it is readily available for everyone. 


This source of energy is specifically beneficial in developing countries that can deliver power to every household. Specifically, inhabitants of urban slums, remote areas, and Suburbans can get access to power that, too, without burning a hole in their pockets.


Job Stability

The green energy sector is more labor-intensive. On the other hand, fossil fuel industries are generally mechanized and capital intensive. Either it is wind farms or solar panels, both the sources require technicians for the installation and maintenance process.


Henceforth, on average, each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources creates more job opportunities than the fossil fuels industry. The US is already witnessing thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy market. 


Besides, the wind energy industry requires several full-time-equivalent employees. These jobs spread across an assortment of sectors, including project development, construction, turbine installation, manufacturing, operations and maintenance, financial, legal, transportation, logistics, and consulting services. Ultimately, this demand of the workforce in the sustainable energy industry creates a positive effect on the economy. 


Control Natural Disasters

Due to global warming, the world is experiencing frequent and more disruptive events. It includes an increment in droughts, more intense storms, cyclones, and wildfires. Hence, nature demands the need for clean, resilient technologies.


Water scarcity is another danger due to the establishment of non-renewable power plants. Nuclear, coal, and various other natural gas energy plants need abundant water to cool down. It results in severe droughts and heat-waves that proved electricity generation from fossil fuels to be a risky venture. On the contrary, solar and wind power plants do not need water to generate electricity. 


By including more green energy in our lifestyle, we can eliminate or lessen a plethora of man-made driving forces that cause these ecosystems and climatic catastrophe. Since green energy is clean and originates from natural sources, it enables us to respond to global warming conditions. There will be a minimal detrimental effect on the environment, many of which have severe and destructive downstream impacts.


Whether you capture plentiful of available sunshine through solar panels or use wind turbines to turn wind into electricity, all green sources have a minimum environmental impact. 


Save Wildlife

Several species are currently close to extinction every year. A vision to leverage green energy in life will control the natural loss as well as the human-made bio-diversity damage. Wildfires and water pollution are increasingly affecting wildlife throughout the planet.


Therefore, switching to sustainable options is vital. If done accurately, you can save and take care of the gazillions of species endangered around the planet.


Where is Sustainable Energy Used?

Today, we are able to use sustainable energy anywhere. Reducing overall energy demand in every phase of life is crucial and can be achieved through strategies that encourage energy efficiency and conservation. 


Many cities throughout the globe already source the majority of their electricity from green sources. They are putting complete efforts to upgrade their goals of eliminating the use of fossil fuels in domestic and commercial sectors. 


Here are the key segments successfully making use of this green power.

  • Transportation segment uses sustainable biofuels, drop-in biofuels, and high-percentage biofuel mixtures produced through green resources. 
  • Electric vehicles can also get their source of power through renewable electricity. 
  • Electricity produced from sustainable resources can be utilized to generate electro-fuels to run aviation and shipping modes of transport. 
  • Electricity generated from renewable sources is used in the heating and cooling system of the buildings in various parts of the world.
  • Solar thermal water heaters, geothermal direct heat, and biomass boilers utilize green energy. 
  • Hydrogen generated using renewable power helps the cement, chemical, iron, and steel manufacturers in energy-industrial processes. 
  • The green energy also helps create heat through heat pumps used in paper and food processing industries. 


Final Thoughts

We need to introspect and ponder upon our past actions to re-evaluate them for a better future. Lockdown and home quarantine during this pandemic situation helped nature to heal. It’s an indication of how human activities are the culprits behind global warming and ecological damage. 


Moreover, even if we ignore climate change, fossil fuels are a finite resource on Earth. So, our energy should be renewable if we want to create a better and more sustainable life on the planet.


Hence, green energy is the need of the hour and ideal source to come out of this damage we did to our lives. There’s no better time than today for all of us to bring this revolution. The actions took by the cities, government, and citizens can directly promote the shift to sustainable green energy.


To work on this pathway, we must encourage sustainable and eco-friendly processes and products to make a much-needed change. Let’s also hope that our coming generations will uncover technologies that will bring life on the Earth to a sustainable level. 


Yes, the moment has come to initiate this change now! We need to ditch the fossil fuel period behind.