Earn extra money online without quitting your job

8 ways to earn extra money online without quitting your job
8 ways to earn extra money online without quitting your job

Do you need to quit your job to earn a little extra money? Not.
But it’s not about working hard, it’s about doing it smart.
If you can win $ 1,000 you can get to $ 10,000.
Do you want to earn money online? Do you want to earn extra dollars almost effortlessly? Sure, many advertisers might make you believe that the good life is just a few steps away. They tell you that your path to digital wealth is just around the corner thanks to this undiscovered secret. The best of all? That they will only share it with you because you are part of their inner circle. You are the chosen one. Part of the lucky ones.

But we all know how the story goes, right? The desire to want to make a profit and leave corporate life is very strong, so strong, that this easy money system is so attractive that you had to make it into it. And then you make the decision and you do it. Now you are sitting in front of this magical course and all you need to do is take it and implement it.

Although few find it to be. It happens that nobody takes the course, less we implement it. However, we tend to hear a lot of people talk about rushing you. Work hard, they say. Push yourself. Make it feel like it. Work all night. Sure … this comes from our parents and their good intentions. They want to equip us with the best tools to succeed. But trying hard and working hard doesn’t always mean being successful. You can earn some money online if you work non-stop. But will you really be free from corporate life? Most likely not.

How to make money online without quitting your job
For most, the goal is freedom. Financial Freedom. Freedom from a job they no longer want to have. They want the freedom to go where they want when they want, with whoever they want. Not having to report every movement and behavior. But before you do, you need a plan. Sure, you could burn your cards, quit and try. It might work for some, but for others, there is a real panic that it won’t.

Here’s the truth, though: Most people overthink it. Do you need to quit your job to earn a little extra money? No. And the best part is that once you find a way to make money online, all you have to do is scale your efforts. Will you be a billionaire doing it? Most likely not, but you could certainly be a millionaire. All you need to do is start by trusting yourself.

Today, all you need to do is choose a path. How are you going to make money online? How much time are you going to dedicate to this cause? You won’t be able to do it without a certain level of immersion. But it’s not about working hard, it’s about doing it smart. We are talking about four hours a week of smart work. And that means you are going to hire third parties. Choose your main path and hire help for the rest. You don’t need to be an expert at everything, you just need to be very good at the main activity you choose to do.

Everyone has to start at some point, and while money shouldn’t be your main goal, if you just want extra income, then your goal is clear. Focus on your first $ 1,000 pesos. If you can win $ 1,000 you can get to $ 10,000. Don’t worry about all the things you have to do. Start small and get to work. But be aware that it will take time, it won’t happen overnight, so don’t be disappointed by setting yourself idealistic expectations that the millions will magically appear in your bank account.

1. Start selling stocks online

One of my mentors, Jeremy Delk, one of the most successful people I know, literally started from scratch. In fact, it was worse than that. He had taken $ 30,000 that his dad had inherited on his 18th birthday and turned it into a portfolio valued at more than $ 1.2 million by selling stocks. This was before the .com bubble burst. He was so sure of himself at the time that he took an $ 800,000 markup. I was flying high. He was 22 years old, in college, and earned much more per day than his professors made per year.

When that bubble burst, he lost everything. The collections started and the money disappeared, the worst thing is that he had lost his inheritance. But he always tells me that that pain gave him the right foundation. During those years he learned a lot. And when the market recovered he found a way to position himself again, now selling houses. This put him on the path to starting his own business and eventually becoming a highly successful entrepreneur generating more than $ 100 million dollars a year.

His advice? Start small. Learn to move the nuts and Follow your passion. You are not going to be excellent at anything, in fact, you are going to be lower than average, but over time you will do better. You have to have the right mindset and take the first steps. Persistence and action are necessary in every company, but especially in those with capital at risk and in which you don’t know what you’re doing. Making money online is not easy anywhere. You have to pay attention and be smart with every move.

Delk says that you should open an account with a large institution and then start selling small stocks, being cautious, without taking big risks while learning how to do it. But the most important thing is to focus on the reason for this, beyond the money. The money is incredible, but we do more for what’s important than for shiny objects. So not only can you earn some money without giving up your job, you can also cut that union with the corporate world forever.

2. Create an e-commerce business

Some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I know have started e-commerce with their eyes wide open. The best thing is that there are many options, you can literally sell anything without having any product of your own. You can sell on Amazon, Shopify or any of the platforms that exist.

Jaime Cross, founder of MIG Soap, prayed for years to find a way to earn money. She was a stay-at-home mom to raise children, and she had financial problems. They were so bad that he wasn’t even enough for food. She tells me that it was the most difficult moment of her life. But one night, in a dream, she had a vision. She saw herself and other homeless people mixing soaps like chemicals on a life or death mission.

It’s been seven years and she’s making millions of dollars a year selling her handmade soaps with natural and organic ingredients. She tells me that there are so many harmful chemicals in the products we buy, so she literally created products so organic that you could eat them. It sounds strange, but its path is proof of what can be achieved when you dedicate yourself to it. Many people give up too quickly instead of going the extra mile and trying.

3. Enter the network marketing fight

Network marketing sounds almost rude, but there are people who are doing very well doing it. Ray Higdon, owner of Rank Makers, leads a massive team with hundreds of recruiters and clients served. But Higdon started like everyone else: all he wanted was to make money online without quitting his job.

Starting small, he found a good opportunity to promote. Then he started using social media as a recruiting tool without having to invest in guidelines. He tells me that his videos helped him attract prospects effortlessly. Something happens when you go out and give content to your audience. This happens when you already have a certain income and from there the change happens towards serving others instead of yourself.

Higdon is proof of this. His energy is contagious. The truth of the matter is that whatever method you choose to earn money online, you have to stick with it, you can’t go from opportunity to opportunity and hope it works for you. Get in right, and in time things will start to work out. This is how real money is made.

4. Become a small business consultant

An occupation that the network is conquering are coaches and consultants. The best part is that it doesn’t take much time and you can certainly do it while you have your full-time job. Also, everyone is familiar with consultants and businesses know that they need help and advice from others to be successful. The reality is that most businesses have no idea how to grow. The reality is that they would be very willing to have someone else help them instead of making costly mistakes.

Plus, it’s a lot easier to get businesses to pay you for this. Of course you will have to learn to turn the nuts and you will need to have a positive ROI for your customers. It’s very likely that businesses want to keep paying you when you deliver results. That’s pretty obvious, so make sure you put a value on them and not just walk away with promises.

Katie Richardson just happened to be a full time coach. Years ago she started a company with her husband, Ben Richardson, which was an ingenious invention for bathing newborn babies. But after selling the company, she decided it was time to help others build their businesses. So she settled on an audience of women and put all her effort into creating a business that empowers her clients to reach the next level.

5. Build websites or sales funnels

Websites and funnels are trending. If you want a service business, you can do that to earn money without quitting your job. You will need some creativity and understand that it is a very competitive field. Even at the beginning, you will have to offer some low-cost or free services to get positive reviews. But it will be worth it.

6. Sell digital courses

Digital courses are the future. Most successful entrepreneurs teach through digital courses. Do you have to be an expert? No, definitely not. All you need to do is be a few steps ahead of your audience. That’s it. Digital courses can be built in many ways and on various platforms, but you have to understand how to promote them.

There are platforms like Udemy, but you would be risking a large part of your income and you would not have control over discounts or promotions. They can easily take your $ 2,000 peso course and sell it for $ 100. And while this works very well for Udemy, it’s not the best for people who spent a lot of money and time doing the course. It is best to build your course on your own platform and promote it in a digital webinar.

7. Start your blog

Blogging is one of the most profitable fields and you don’t need to be a professional to start yours. You can start wherever you want. However, you do need to be passionate about the subject. Building your audience takes time, if you think it will happen overnight, think again because it won’t. In fact, it will take months if not years before you see results. But it will eventually become a great form of passive income.

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How to start? Pick a topic. Investigate. And make sure you find a healthy niche that gets a lot of traction and attention. Don’t follow trends. Focus on healthy eating, health, or interpersonal relationships. That’s where the income is. And you can sell a wide variety of related products through affiliate marketing and other ads that appear in your content.

8. Start an agency

Regardless of whether you focus on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Google ads, there is a lot of money if you start an agency and you don’t have to quit your job. Also, you can do it from home. Even from your cell phone. But you have to learn how to do it right, and for that there are many training resources. Take a course or learn from tutorials on YouTube. As long as you’re committed, you can learn any skill for free.

All the information is there for you to take. Most people buy courses because it is an organized way of consuming information. It is usually step by step. This is very useful when consuming it. The earnings can be unlimited. You can charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the investment and if you give good results to your clients that income can multiply to the sky.